Changing dimensions of Book Publishing

The book publishing has undergone a sea change what the books looked like 20-25 years ago is entirely different from what it looks in the present scenario.
Creative Crest that has bagged the rights for publishing the book by Leo Messi foundation in around 14 countries. So we are quite aware about the latest trends of writing, publishing and marketing the books.

As we are experiencing about the Leo Messi's book, it is not just an autobiography but is partially written by different people who are closely associated with him or have seen him working.

Creative Crest to launch Leo Messi's book

Creative Crest has recently bagged rights for publishing the official book of Leo Messi - "Choose to Believe" across many countries.

Creative Crest will be launching the book in India, China, Japana, SAARC, South East Asia, South Korea, Turkey, Australia & New Zealand and Africa.

This book is a social product of the Leo Messi Foundation, the resources generated by it will go to its projects that aim to improve the situation of thousands of children and young people worldwide.

Time Magazine's alleged India's Rape Epidemic

Time Magazine has done a lot of disservice to its being a media entity by alleging a rape epidemic in India. It has taken yellow journalism to unprecedented levels.

An epidemic is defined as, “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.” Now, does India really have this disease, and it is infectious? The answer is NO.

Media fueling US attack on Syria?

Leading media houses are rallying US to attack Syria. It is utterly depressing to see media glorify war.

Most of us studied journalism in school and always learnt that there are two sides of a story. Media, objectively, has to bring out both sides of the story. However, for some media houses, the only side of the story is what is brought out by a US government spokesperson.

Welcome 'Kitkat' to the Android Market

Android is all set to launch its next version named 'KitKat.' The trail of giving tasty names to its software for powering mobile devices influenced from the past list of Android software names like Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean.

Also, for initiating a promotional campaign, Google tempts the people with chances to win Android-powered Nexus 7 tablets or credit at its online Play shop by buying KitKat candy bars featuring Android robot icons on wrappers. What could be better than 'Android' name reaching the public through the KitKat bars?

Shopping budget cuts in this season leads to increase in PR investments

Nothing can be more worse than having little in pocket when the festive season is just round the corner.

With the free-fall in the value of the rupee, chances are much likely for the people to spend less this festive season. Imported products, especially in consumer electronics area, are soaring in price. It is difficult for millions of Indians to splurge during the festive season. This, along with slowdown in the economy, has hurt spending.

Challenges for a PR professional - Richa

So, it has just been six months since I made an entry to Creative Crest.

I still remember the sense of responsibility I felt when I pushed the office doors and entered the very first day. I would be lieing if I say adjusting to the new work environment was a cake walk for me. Like everyone, even I faced few challenges that were of course not easy though, challenging.

Eveything was not goody-goody (exactly what I wondered it to be) but it was not even that bad. Difficult....yes!

Creative Crest is one of the top 3 agencies in India - The Holmes Report/ICCO World PR Report

In World PR Report - the Holmes Report/ICCO Global 250 Agency Rankings 2013, Creative Crest has emerged as one of the top 3 agencies in India.

Just the four Indian agencies made it to the list, which include Creative Crest, Adfactors, Integral and Avian Media.

Cetaceans in Entertainment

Most of us have grown seeing animals in the zoo, watching them riding bicycles, juggling through balls and jumping through rings of fire in the circus. Since years, animals are held captive and forcibly made to work in the circuses and other entertainment places.

Nobody bothers to question, if humans are allowed to live free after committing crimes, why would these innocent animals get tortured and primarily be the source of human amusement?

A Downfall in the Rate of Smokers

One can easily understand the health threat of smoking habits that has been into news for quite a long time.

Years back, people could buy cigarettes and smoke pretty much almost everywhere, be it in homes, offices and even in hospitals.

Smoking is undoubtedly a hard habit to break and advertising plays a very crucial role in influencing the behaviour and smoking habits of an individual.

In the recent years, consequently, there is a huge decline in the rate of smokers.


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