The core philosophy at Creative Crest is “Yato Dharmah, Tato Jayah,” which translates as “where there is truth, there is victory.” That philosophy translates into an ethical approach to public relations, which combines with an emphasis on creativity—big ideas applied to challenging assignments—that makes Creative Crest one of the most distinctive of the new generation of Indian public relations firms. Its expertise spans corporate, consumer and technology accounts as well as corporate social responsibility, although unlike many of its peers in the Indian PR business it focuses exclusively on public relations, drawing on third-parties for other marketing activities.

Founded in 1999 by former executives of WPP’s Live World subsidiary—an interactive agency specializing in online communities and social networking—the firm is led by chief executive Kapil Rampal, a former journalist whose experience includes work for NBC, CNBC, Hindustan Times, and the Times of India, and directors V.S. Kumeria, previously a senior executive with a large pharmaceutical company and S.K. Swamy, an advertising and marketing veteran who also serves as chairman of R K Swamy BBDO. They have since been joined by a handful of senior executives including Vasu, head the entertainment practice in Mumbai; Chaitanya Kumar, who leads the finance and real estate practices; Darshana Vyas, leader of the hospitality practice; and Yashvir Nikhanj, who manages the mining practice.

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