Citizen Relations Launches Today

PR agencies from four continents joined forces to create a new global PR agency brand – Citizen Relations. This new agency has a full-service offering and an existing international client base, being served both regionally and globally. Citizen Relations formally bonds PainePR from the US, Optimum from Canada and Band & Brown and Brando from the UK, and is further supported by strategic alliances in Asia Pacific, Latin America and India. Regionally, the Citizen Relations agencies will be known as Citizen Paine in the US, Citizen Brando in the UK and Citizen Optimum in Canada; they will be grouped under the Citizen Relations brand globally.

Jeffrey Group, SPRG, and Creative Crest are strategic partners of Citizen Relations in Latin America, Asia and India, respectively. “Citizen Relations reflects the democratisation of communication and the changing landscape of how people receive and share information. Our efforts are fuelled by deep insight-led understanding of people, their cares and influences, and we’re specially engineered for the new networked world,” said Daryl McCullough, chairman, Citizen Relations.

“The agency is engineered to bring our award-winning regional brands, talent and service model to a global scale. We leverage the full suite of assets available to modern communications professionals, from traditional media and influencers to social media and digital offerings, along with the always-on reputation and brand management that companies are seeking,” McCullough added. “This is not another loosely-formed agency network,” said McCullough.

“Our lead partners share common ownership, and together we’ve created an innovative global collaboration model that provides focused resources, an innovative organizational model, and fresh insight-based thinking that PR clients, regionally and globally, need to meet complex communications challenges today and tomorrow.”

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