Domain names are one of the most lucrative but speculative investments. Often domain owners are not able to get the best value for their domain names. This is mostly due to lack of marketing resources and channels.

In order to assist its clients, many of whom are owners of premium domain names, Creative Crest has launched an integrated marketing service for domain names. The company will offer a range of services to market the domain names including direct marketing, web marketing, newsletters, advertising, public relations, social and others.

It has also has built relationships with premium channels such as Namejet, Domain Name Sales, Uniregistry and others. It also maintains some of the oldest seller accounts in channels such as Sedo and for over 15 years. It will bring a tremendous leverage to the domain owners.

Some of the domain owners are reclusive and do not like to share their details. For those with privacy protect, we just verify the ownership by mailing on the privacy protected email and upon confirmation, we can work towards selling the domain.

We have multiple models where we work on fixed fee or revenue share, depending upon the domain.

First such sale initiative is launched on with premium names such as,, and over 700 others. The link for this will be shared on Monday.

Please note that this is open only for very premium domain owners and not others. If you think you have such a gem then do contact us.