Creative Crest has been working with leading authors, business leaders, sportsmen, and other luminaries in publishing and marketing their books in international markets. Under this initiative, it has made contacts with leading publishers and authors.

The company was behind publishing and marketing of Leo Messi – Choose to Believe, which was a best seller in every country that it was launched. It was the only authorized book of the living legend and the proceeds of the book were meant for generating funds for charity. In China it was published by Fudan University Press in Chinese.

It has also associated with a notable Swedish visionary author – Micke Darmell. Sage will be releasing his Connected or Disconnected book, which is likely to be received very well. It is also working with another international publisher for his other popular book – Make Meetings Work. Micke’s previous books have been in Swedish and they will be translated to English, Hindi and other languages for them to be received well by the other markets.

Speaking on the development, Kapil Rampal, CEO, Creative Crest said, “It’s a real pleasure to be associated with such eminent personalities and to help them share their ideas with the world. We believe that we will do our bit for the society and also help promote a good cause. We will do anything that it takes for this to succeed.”

The same will also be extended on the digital platform. We invite authors and publishers to join us in the initiative. 🙂